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Welcome to #RCM2020 Virtual Platform

Event Onboarding

Powered by Attendify, the Retail Congress MENA 2020 Virtual event brings so much more than video stream on a web page.

Your Virtual Event Journey

Get the most out of your virtual event experience.

  • Start exploring the platform features
  • Block your schedule and plan out your conference objectives
  • Begin connecting with other retail professionals

  • Log-in to your computer or mobile
  • Double check your agenda, booked meetings and event objectives
  • Deep dive on each of the scheduled sessions
  • Sit back and enjoy the conference

  • Follow up with meetings you attended
  • Utilize the platform to continue building your network and connections
  • Prepare for the next MECS+R Events


Launch Virtual Event

Click below to select between desktop and mobile app version
Use this CODE to access the event: RCM2020
1,500+ Retail
30 Expert

A complete Digital Experience

Attendify’s virtual experience starts with a branded community space. We want to capture the excitement and energy of walking into an event venue and seeing the all the learning and networking opportunities available to attendees.

The event is built around session and we make it easy to deliver video, but also an engaging experience with social features like polling, Q&A, and a list of attendees in the session for easy networking.

At every step of the virtual experience attendees will have networking tools. Whether mingling in channels, posting on the activity stream, browsing attendee profiles or viewing a session, networking is always a click away.

  • Delegates are featured on the activity stream upon joining
  • Attendees can post event photos right on the activity stream
  • Attendees can share updates and ideas easily with short posts
  • Users foster deep connections by direct messages between attendees
  • Users see likes, comments and push notifications at a glance

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